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Why articles may be rejected

Why articles may be rejected

Here are some tips and explanations of why articles are rejected:

  1. The article not ready; it is only a draft.

  2. The article is too parochial (it will not appeal to a wider, international audience).

  3. The article is written in poor English (if English is not your first language, seek help).

  4. The manuscript is poorly prepared.

  5. The article is too short or too long (check the article length specified in author guidelines).

  6. The article has been submitted to the wrong journal (the material will not be relevant to the readers - check the aims and scope of a journal before submitting to it).

  7. Nothing new is stated or found.

  8. The article is under-theorized.

  9. The article is under-contextualized.

  10. It is not properly a journal article and would be better suited to another form of publication.