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What is peer review?

Peer review is a cooperative process that allows your research to be evaluated and commented upon by independent experts who work within the same academic field. This helps you to improve your paper and allows the editor to assess the paper's suitability for publication.

The review process can take different forms depending on the preference of the journal.

Under double-blind review the identity of the reviewers and the authors are hidden from each other. This level of anonymity is designed to encourage fairness, with papers being considered on their individual merits.

Our Editorial Peer-Review board consists of experienced Business Management, Commerce & Technology experts/faculty from various countries.

Important note: all papers submitted to a journal must be original contributions and cannot be under consideration for publication with another journal simultaneously.

What are the benefits of peer review for an author?

  1. It helps to alert you to any errors or gaps in literature you may have overlooked.

  2. It can assist with making the paper more applicable to the journal readership.

  3. It may enable a discussion (between the author, reviewers, and editor) around a research field or topic.

  4. You can receive detailed feedback from experts in the field.

What should you expect during peer review?

  1. The editor may reject your paper outright if it does not adequately fit the scope of the journal.

  2. If suitable, your paper will be sent to reviewers.

  3. The reviewers will provide comments and suggestions for revision and make a recommendation to the editor.

  4. The editor then makes a decision and tells you what the decision is.

  5. The decision could be:

    1. Accept in its present form,

    2. Accept with minor revisions,

    3. Request major revisions,

    4. Reject,

  6. Reject with the option to resubmit a new version.

  7. You then choose whether to revise the paper and resubmit.

  8. If suitable after revision, your paper will be accepted and sent to us at

How long does the review process take?

Most papers will be reviewed by two or more independent referees. They may also be read and considered by members of the journal's editorial board and ultimately by the editor(s) before a decision is rendered.

The reviewers are academics or professionals working in the field and also write papers themselves. They offer their time and their expertise voluntarily in order to assist with the improvement of papers and to encourage new research in their topic of interest.

Delays will inevitably occur when reviewers are busy. They may have a number of journals sending them papers to be reviewed.

The editorial teams of our journals work tirelessly to ensure that peer review is as timely and rigorous as possible.