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Final Checklist

Final Checklist

Before sending your paper to the journal's editor, please make sure that you have included all necessary details. It is essential that you consult the journal's Instructions for Authors, our Guidelines on Authors' Rights, and on the Ethics of Publication .

In order to ensure that you receive the email enabling free online access to your published article, please go to and signup to our list.

Please make sure you have provided:

  1. The name of the author designated as the corresponding author, along with an email address, full postal address, telephone and fax numbers.

  2. All author data on a separate page to facilitate anonymous peer review.

  3. A short title (for running headlines).

  4. An abstract if required.

  5. Keywords if required.

  6. A biographical paragraph if required.

  7. An acknowledgement to your funding agency if required.

  8. Numbered pages in sequence.

Please also ensure:

  1. You run a spellcheck on your article.

  2. References are in the correct format for the journal. Please consult the journal's Instructions for Authors.

  3. All references mentioned in the Reference list are cited in the text, and vice versa.

  4. Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Internet).

  5. All tables, figures, and captions are separated from the body of the text, i.e., do not embed tables and figures in text.

  6. Graphics are high-resolution, especially four-color graphics.

  7. All necessary files have been included.

  8. All figure captions have been provided.

  9. All tables are present (including title, description, footnotes).

For IJMETONLINE journal, submission of an article in a digital form is mandatory. Please consult the journal's Instructions for Authors.

  1. Please use A4 or functional equivalent paper.

  2. Please ensure text is formatted in double-spacing.

  3. Check that all text pages are enclosed.

  4. Check that original artwork is enclosed (high-quality prints).

  5. Check that all figures are enclosed and have captions.

  6. Check that all tables are enclosed (including title, description, footnotes).