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We aim to answer common questions here. If you are a Librarian, Author or Editor or Society member or contact, please see the dedicated section for FAQs.


  1. Is IJMETOnline available in Print Version?
    NO, IJMETOnline is an online journal, all articles are available on online versions only. You freely download, print for research non-publication purposes

  2. How do I Access/View content?
    Sign in with your username and password. The Registration is FREE. If you have access to the content you wish to view or download, go to the article you require and click on the Abstract and/or Full article icon.

  3. I m a student, Can I Submit articles for publication?
    Yes you can submit, the process is the same for students, faculty, research scholars, industrialists and any others who wish to publish their research articles.

  4. How do I register an account on IJMETONLINE?
    You can register for free as a reader and access all the articles and archives. Please use the free registration by clicking here. (Link to subscription page)

  5. I�ve registered, but my account has not been activated. What should I do?
    Send an email to with your activation problem and you will be receive solution within 48 hours. You will receive a notification by email.

  6. How do I update my email address, or other personal details?
    You cannot change your existing email, address or your personal details. You may create a new account by signing up with a new email id.

  7. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
    You can reset your password by clicking on Forgot password in the home page. A link will be sent to your email.

  8. How do I cancel my account?
    You can send an email to for cancellation of your free account. It will be cancelled within 3 working days.

  9. Do I need a subscription to use IJMETOnline?
    Yes, you need to register with our free registration process to access full articles in pdf version.

For Authors:

  1. Can I resubmit articles that have been submitted /published in another journal or work.
    IJMETonline accepts original work, not submitted or not published in any other journal in any form.

  2. I'm an author who has submitted an article to IJMETONLINE, Can I resubmit an article to another journal pending approval.
    No. You may not submit that article submit to ijmetonline pending the review process.

  3. Will I have to pay to have my article published?
    Yes, There is a processing fee of $50.00, All authors have to pay it through our online payment on our website.

  4. Will I have to pay to access/Read/View articles?
    No, Subscription is Free for all readers. You may access, download articles from our website.