International Journal Of Management Entrepreneurship & Technology

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Aim & Scope

The International Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology (IJMET) publishes the highest quality original research articles in the area of business management & technology from faculty and research scholars worldwide.

The International Journal of Management Entrepreneurship & Technology IJMET presents cutting edge research from all around the world that provides research scholars and readers with new management thoughts and techniques. All articles published in the journal should strive towards empirical and/or theoretical contribution. All empirical methods including (but not limited to) qualitative, quantitative, or combination methods are represented. Articles published in the journal are clearly relevant to applied management theory and practice and identify both a compelling practical management issue and a strong theoretical framework for addressing it.

The aim of the IJMET is to provide a high-quality medium through which developments in Business,, Management, entrepreneurship and Technology theory/thought and empirical research can be effectively communicated to both those actively engaged in research and those wishing to be informed about progress in the field.

IJMET seeks to contribute to the body of knowledge about theory and practice by performing an integrative function, publishing theoretical and empirical articles from all countries with differing disciplinary approaches.

The IJMET attracts submissions from international academicians focusing upon theoretical, empirical, policy and practitioner issues within the fields of business management, Commerce, Entrepreneurship and technology. Articles published in the IJMET are of importance to academics, policy makers, practitioners and analysts in government and organizations, seeking to understand small businesses, entrepreneurial processes and outcomes.

IJMET presents the opportunity for individuals, groups, organizations/institutions to encourage their sponsored learners to publish and share their ideas across an international forum. This journal seeks to enhance your portfolio, whether academic or practitioner and in so doing bring added value to your personal learning process.